Local Access Numbers for International Calls

Use the access numbers provided below in order to make phone calls .

Dial your local access number and then the Kobi Call number .

New access numbers are being added constantly, so check this section from time to time to see new access numbers.

From anywhere to everywhere International call

Access Numbers

http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/thiago-silva/palm/256/Phone-icon.png israel


http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/thiago-silva/palm/256/Phone-icon.png israel


http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/thiago-silva/palm/256/Phone-icon.png usa


http://icons.iconarchive.com/icons/thiago-silva/palm/256/Phone-icon.png italy


24\7 support

our phone

usa : 6465586659 israel: 072-216-3045 canada usa call free: 1866-8866-189

our email

customerservice@kobicall.com sales@kobicall.com support@kobicall.com