General Rules

A. Introduction

Policies intended to regulate in the agreements and statements and the legal relationships between KOBICALL customer. Also this is the only rules and no validity to any suggestion of a summary or a promise to another party but subject to these regulations. In addition use of the site and the service provided by kobicall an agreement on a regulation. It is clarified that any changes do or licensed media regulations that are affecting the terms of the contract considered as a change is agreed between the parties.


Kobicall works for HPT 200 707 842 international calls service. Address: Zip Uziel Jerusalem .... 26 Phone ..... Fax ..... Email .....

C. Definitions

A. Subscription - is the one who called to kobicall to purchase recorded calls package kobicall databases, and comply with its obligations depending on the package purchased. Two. Package calls - is the amount of time subscription able to talk to different destinations depending on the rate of each goal. Three. Number of access - is the local number of any country that has made calls to him, after dialing the number the subscriber by the operator answers, the subscriber will be asked by the switchboard to dial the desired number. And that after notice of the time remaining on the card. Four. Acquired program - a program where the customer choose to participate according to plans published on kobicall, Five. Digital card - is notified by e-mail to purchase a package, notice shall be given an access number and PIN. Using these numbers, the customer can call. 6. Printed card - a card is printed on the package rate and size, as well as the hidden secret code, revealing the code to have scratch paper layer below the code is found. Also on the card printed instructions for various ways of dialing destinations.

Wednesday. How to contact

A. The transaction will be teaching a credit card by phone. Subscriber will be given digital card or calling card printed which can connect to the service. Two. Card and PIN will be No.. Subscriber will be given an access number, after dialing the access number will be received by the switchboard response, this response to the subscriber will be asked to dial the desired number. . Back of the card will be listed objectives. Or alternatively, the explanation given by the document or an email detailing the procedure call. Three. It is hereby declared that the subscriber calling card use will be considered as having the terms of engagement. Four. Contract between the subscriber and the Company will provide the service with subscriber registration databases kobicall or after 5 working days. Five. Of service is subject to discharge the obligation of the subscriber. And registration of the credit card company or bank shall constitute evidence Cuts. 6. For service shall pay the subscription in accordance with the acquired and indicated in the subscription. Database records take precedence regarding kobicall rate. In addition to kobicall right to set any target other charges as well as change the rate at its discretion. Thus, you may have different prices at different times to those goals. Kobicall may also change the terms of the contract at its discretion. Seven. kobicall may stop temporarily or permanently or restrict the provision of service at any time without notice and without the consent of the subscriber.

The. Responsible parties

A. Subscription in full compliance against obligations will kobicall digital card or printed card, depending on the package purchased through which the subscriber can receive the service. Two. kobicall right to change the way the customer billing. Three. Subscriber agrees to pay kobicall for any damage caused directly or indirectly due to misuse made by him, or by another person of a package purchased by him. Four. Purchased subscription plan calls, would pay for each package if not used in any package. Five. kobicall require a subscription for the costs of collection or otherwise, because of a refusal to credit card company or bank. 6. Subscriber is aware that the use of payment card requires additional dialing a local operator, the subscriber check this cost himself.

And. Limitation of Liability

A. In no event will the kobicall or one of its employees or its service providers, any liability, direct or indirect damage or third party resulting from or service provided. Two. In addition, the Company is not responsible for direct or indirect damage or third party resulting from limiting the service or termination or suspension, even if done voluntarily or for other reasons too. Three. Also responsible for damage not kobicall deliberate action of one of its employees or any kind of negligence. Four. Also responsible for damage not kobicall service delivery due to mistake a mistake of any kind. Five. Nor kobicall LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT or indirectly caused by subscriber, due to termination or suspension of service resulting from reasons that are not controlled by kobicall, such as fire, or sabotage, or any damage resulting from accident or any damage resulting from acts of God .. 6. It is clarified that there is no dial kobicall printed card charge if lost or stolen, the subscriber is not compensated. Also if the card is stolen or copied digitally and PIN number and then dial them using Subscription not be compensated for it. Seven. Subscriber is aware that the service provided can not call emergency numbers all are. And neither does kobicall LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT or indirectly in May providing this service. Eight. Not kobicall responsible for any damages direct or indirect, incurred by the customer using the site kobicall famous sites.

G. Law and jurisdiction

A. Of this Agreement shall apply the laws of the State of Israel. It also agreed between the parties that the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court exclusive jurisdiction. Two. Agreed that if the judicial decision will be determined to indemnify the subscriber, the indemnity does not exceed a full subscription package price contract.